An app that help you take control of your mental health!

Track your feelings and receive scientific exercises that helps you feel better. Based on science from positive psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy.

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Register your emotions and daily activities. This helps you get an understanding for your own feelings and how different habits effect your wellbeing.


Receive scientifically proven exercises that help you get and stay in good mental shape.

Get educated.

Learn what areas in life that impact your happiness. This basic psychology education gets you better equiped to handle life’s ups and downs.


Ask questions directly to our scientist and engage with the community in order to recieve help and answers.


“I live a stressful life with demanding work and an active private life. I use Feely to focus on the aspects in life that makes me feel balanced and emotionally healthy.” -Anna, 23

“I’ve been talking to a psychologist regularly the past three years because of problems with anxiety. I was tired of writing down notes about my emotions and activities on a paper, and instead chose to use Feely as a complementing tool to my visits with the psychologist.” -Andreas, 35

“I’ve had periods in my life where I felt both stressed and anxious. I decided to use Feely in order to keep my emotional wellbeing on a healthy level. Earlier I used self-help books and various web tools, but I have found Feely to be more fun, engaging and easy to use.” -Sarah, 62


We know that taking care of mental health can be a real struggle for quite a lot of people. Stress and anxiety is unpleasant at best, and completely unbearable at worst. We know this because we have experienced it ourselves.

Getting help and access to proper care is difficult. Not only is it unavailable to many people, but it’s also expensive and stigmatizing. We want to change this by providing a science-based, affordable, and fun tool that can help people take control of their own emotional health. We envision a world in which people talk about their mental health and feel empowered to take small steps to feeling better every day, no matter if you experience work-related stress or long term anxiety. Feely is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We’re a team of researchers and technologists doing our best to build a meaningful self-help app for your mental health.


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